FS Live Traffic Liveries Installation Instructions

FlyByWire Installer

In partnership with FlyByWire, the FSLTL add-on is built into the FlyByWire Installer. To install FSLTL, please download the FlyByWire installer.

Within the installer, the following commands can be used:

Ctrl+F5 - Refreshes Installer

Ctrl+F12 - Opens the debug tool

Community Folder

The FlyByWire installer will install FSLTL, by default, into the community folder. Your community folder location varies depending on which version of the simulator you have. By default:

Microsoft Store and/or Game Pass Edition

It is located in:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages

Steam Edition

It is located in:

  • %APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Boxed Edition

It is located in:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\MSFSPackages\Community


Installing FSLTL

  1. To install FSLTL, download and run the FBW Installer.
  2. Once the FBW Installer opens, in the left plane, click on the radar icon (3rd icon from the top). This will bring you to the FSLTL menu where you will see two separate options for FSLTL Traffic Base Models and FSLTL Traffic Injector.
  3. To install the FSLTL Traffic Injector (main application that runs the FSLTL add-on), click on FSLTL Traffic Injector and click Install in the bottom right of the FBW Installer window.
  4. On the Package Size prompt that opens, ensure you have the necessary free space and then click Install.
  5. Once the installer completes the FSLTL Traffic Injector installation, you will see the Installed button become unclickable and an Uninstall button appears.
  6. To install FSLTL Traffic Base Models, repeat the same process.

Please note : the FSLTL Trafic Injector uses Simconnect to connect to MSFS. Simconnect requires VC++ Redist 2015-2022 x64 to work correctly. If you have issues running Simconnect applications including the FSLTL Traffic Injector - please install https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

Changing FSLTL Options Manually

To update the options of FSLTL manually, browse to the injector configuration file and make your alterations:

  • The FSLTL Traffic Injector is located here: %APPDATA%\fsltl-trafic-injector
  • Right click on fsltl-trafficinjector-config.json and open in a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, or VS Code.
  • Enter the values you wish to change and save the file.


Uninstalling FSLTL

FBW Installer version 3.0.0 introduced the Uninstall feature. To perform an uninstall:

  • Ensure you have the latest FBW Installer on your machine.
  • Click on the Uninstall button for one or both of the FSLTL Traffic modules (Base Models or Injector)

This removes the FSLTL add-on from your community folder and the extra files in %APPDATA%or %LOCALAPPDATA%.