Are airports feeling lonely?

FSLTL is a free standalone real-time online traffic overhaul and VATSIM model-matching solution for MSFS.

Populates your skies with live aircraft fully interreacting with default MSFS ATC

Easy to setup and use via installer tool, no complicated configuration.

VATSIM Ready for online use

Data from the Flight Plan Database


Live flights in MSFS

MSFS independent online IFR/VFR traffic injection system with stock ATC interaction based on real world live flight data to enhance your simulator flying experience.

Easy install

Easy installation, setup, and updates is our goal at FSLTL. Simple installer automatically downloads and installs all available aircraft and paints ready for takeoff in the virtual world.

Over 1,900 aircraft liveries with more being added

Comprehensive set of liveries from all around the world from major international to regional airlines. All custom painted in 4K for FSLTL with PBR effects. Intelligent fallback system if no model or livery found.

Native models and custom effects

Built with glTF models for better performance, reduced stutters, and CTD avoidance. Improved ground roll on take-off and landing. Full effects including custom lighting, contrails, heat haze and other effects including interaction with jetways and ground services.

Custom sounds

Custom Wwise sound for each aircraft (and engine type in close future). Hear planes start-up, spool up, reverse thrust, idle at varied speeds, and shutdown.

VATSIM ready

For those who prefer to enjoy MSFS online, FSLTL is fully VATSIM ready with an up-to-date VMR file provided.